Completed Races

2nd Annual Fallen Soldier 5K
Carlisle Barracks
Saturday October 8th, 2011
GOAL: First race with jogging stroller and in minimalist shoes.

RECAP: Accomplished both of my goals! Pretty standard road race through neighborhoods.

:26 something. Did not place, but definitely finished first in the stroller division :)

On the Rocks Trail Race @ Rocky Ridge State Park in York PA
Saturday August 20th, 2011
GOAL: First trail race in minimalist shoes
RECAP: Well it's a good thing I did not try to accomplist my goal. This was the most technical trail I have been on in a while. Parts of it were like hiking. I tripped on rocks and nearly fell twice. Really fun race and I hope to do it next year.

1:40:something (2nd in my age group)
Again, not an accurate 8 mile time, but considering the terrain I'm pleased.

10th Annual OBX Bank Sandbar 5K in Kitty Hawk NC
Sunday August 7th, 2011
GOAL: Run barefoot
RECAP: Didn't run barefoot. Someone on the RW message board recommended to not grasp the sand with my toes. After walking 4+ miles on the beach I realized I do that A LOT unconsciously. So I wore my Pace Gloves to avoid grasping the sand. Turns out that was a good move b/c the sand was firm for the most part, but had LOTS of tiny sharp shells.

27:27 (7th in my age group)
Not a great time, but it was on the sand.

Baltimore 10 Mile
Saturday June 18th, 2011
Ran with Tara. No time goal, just doing it to do it. Not bad for 3 months post-partum. Saw lots of minimalist shoes!