Friday, August 5, 2011

Life's a beach

Today is my second full beach day and the weather is great! That wind turned around to the East yesterday afternoon, driving the green flies away and stirring up the surf.
Yesterday morning we sojourned with little E up the the pier and back (about 4 miles total) which is WAY more tiring while lugging a 16+ lb infant, so I'm considering that a decent workout.

Today I ran in Manteo for just a little bit, maybe 3 miles or so, partially in my Pace Gloves, but no more than 1/2 mile. Even while running in my Brooks I'm focusing on a mid-foot landing and a faster cadence.
Tomorrow will be an off day because Sunday is the 5K beach race! Better load up on some beer for carbs and B vitamins. Lots of B vitamins...
(taken from my phone)

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