Saturday, September 10, 2011

Postdeluvian Running

I haven't run in a week.

School has started again, baby's back in daycare, and I'm a zombie by the time we get home. Normally I could run through these circumstances, but the heavens opened up and released their rain-soaked fury on us this week.

Now I have no qualms running in a light shower, but I draw the line at downpour and lightning. Thank goodness we're far enough from the Susquehanna that we didn't get any flooding. Husband has been called out with the Pennsylvania National Guard to patrol flooded neighborhoods and only let residents in and out. Apparently the flood has brought out the gawking onlookers.

I'm supposed to get a baby break from the Nana-fairy today so hopefully a foggy and muggy run will be on the agenda for today. Tomorrow we were supposed to do a local "Run for the Fallen", but the course is partly cross country and not stroller-friendly, despite being advertised as a "road race". Balls. Next up: 2nd Annual Fallen Soldier 5K at the Carlisle Barracks.

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