Sunday, September 25, 2011

Note to self: Don't listen to self

Next time I decide to take my own advice, I'm going to think twice.

Example #1: I should keep up eating with my pregnant best friend. No, I should not. The post-pregnancy metabolism boost is officially over and I should no longer end each day with a Klondike bar. Good thing it's season for deliciously flavored herbal teas and low-cal hot chocolate.

Example #2: I should run the Codorus State Park Mary Furnace trail after a hurricane and record rain/flooding. I really wish I had my phone while running today so I could document the spiderwebs I ran through, the 2 inch thick mud, the debris all over the trail, the shotgun shells, and the raft disguised as a sea monster moored at the campground dock. I also told myself my Brooks Ravennas would be appropriate foot gear for this venture. In hindsight, my Merrells would have been fine (albeit wet), but I'm still hesitant to run more than 4 miles in them.

Example #3: It's worthwhile to expect quality time with my husband. We will most likely NOT be running the Fallen Soldier 5K on October 8th because---I know this will come as a shock---he has to work.

Today's soggy trail run was also some of my LEAST favorite weather: mild, muggy, foggy, completely un-crisp early autumn. Even though there was no sun, I wore my polarized lenses to at least have some contrast to see things like the spiderwebs, mud, and shotgun shells.

Shameless product mention alert! Native Eyeware's Ignition sunglasses are THE BEST. I have the rose-colored lenses and these ensure I don't have to squint even in the brightest sun. They're also great for creating contrast on nasty days like today.

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