Sunday, July 24, 2011

Running for Two

Anytime the phrase "for two" gets thrown around someone assumes you're pregnant, so let me be the first to clarify that is NOT the case. Today I took my nearly 5 month old son E on his first run. We went about 3.5 miles around the neighborhood and he either slept or chewed on this mesh thing that holds and ice cube. Before anyone calls child protective services on me for having a baby out in this heat let me add that the sun was not up and there was a breeze. I did receive several disparaging looks from other runners, walkers, and drivers.

My mom bought me the Cadillac of jogging strollers: a BOB. The thing is amazing. It seems like a huge heavy thing, but its very lightweight and smooth. Mine looks like this, except it's tan and not purple:
I wore my Brooks shoes today because I've noticed a little metatarsal pain and I don't want to push it with the Pace Glove shoes. I was worried the stroller would undo everything I've been working on with my form, but it didn't really at all. In fact, I think the stroller made me keep good posture because if you're not conscious of it then there's a tendency to lean forward. One thing I noticed was it was more comfortable to push it by resting my hands on the side of the handle rather than grasping it. I do the same thing on my road bike to prevent my hand from going numb. Interestingly, the stroller didn't seem to slow me down. I did walk up one of the steeper hills, but only because I felt myself leaning into the stroller. Otherwise we just cruised! Going downhill had me nervous because I've been working on picking up my cadence and letting gravity pull me downhill, but obviously that is ill-advised with a baby in a stroller. I was able to not try and slow myself by heel-striking and just go a little faster. Word of caution: ALWAYS USE THE SAFETY STRAP! Just in case you should lose control of the stroller, the strap will prevent it from getting away from you.

E will be accompanying me on my runs for the next three weeks because my husband is in the buggy, marshy, scratchy backwoods of Virginia blowing things up with the National Guard. 

On another note, I'm debating signing up for a running clinic to work on my form. It's difficult to apply what I read or am told about natural running without getting feedback. All of the clinics cost money so I'll need to decide if it's worth it.

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